Our business was established on a foundation of construction layout and site development procedures. Few firms have the patience AND understanding of how to balance efficiency with accuracy. We understand that using RTK-GPS to set a building grid will likely result in costly mis-closures but that establishing a storm basin does not require first order control. We are of the opinion that bringing us onto your site to provide survey layout should be money well spent. When our crews are on-site, they strive to be efficient and task oriented.

Monitoring and Control

In conjunction with establishing high and mid level precision location of site improvements, we are also armed with several state-of-the-art instruments to monitor movement, both vertical and horizontal during and after completion. These include 3DHD laser scanner, robotic total station with remote measuring capability, electronic 3-wire level, and static GPS for high-precision network control. Providing a base-line and benchmarks for on-site control, usable by other contractors can usually be done on a tight budget.